Redefine the Goal

May 19, 2010 |  by

So what is your goal?

In society, we usually define goals in several ways: Politically we have our conservative and liberal agendas. Economically it’s shareholder value, wealth creation, financial stability. Socially we have family, happiness…or getting by, depending on your situation.

We’re setting our sights too small.

What if our goal was the well-being of humanity?

Seriously. But first, erase your ideas of what that means – I don’t mean that. I’m talking about human growth, potential, development – not food stamps, not luv-luv. I mean conditions that encourage each of us to become more. To reach our greatest potential. We hear this a lot, but practically – what happens? How often does our education really inspire our talents, or our employment nurture us as individuals? How often does society really want you to be you (instead of someone else – or worse, a subject of your fears, doubts and animal instincts)?

The well-being of humanity sounds nice. But for all purposes, it’s a non-starter. It’s great as a goal – but what we need is a foundation.

Here are three steps:

  1. DEFINE what it means to be human – what are human goals? (As much as we might hate to “define” humanity, any serious analysis needs clear definitions to build upon).
  2. CLARIFY what our systems and beliefs stand for. What kind of society do they build? What do they suppress?
  3. ENVISION systems that align with our humanity.

This is going to require some work. We’ll have to be critical. Open.



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