What is Auria?

June 11, 2010 |  by

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

But sometimes, a word is worth a million pictures. So it is with Auria.

In the periodic table of the elements, the symbol Au stands for gold (from the Latin aurum, “shining dawn”). The suffix -ia means “a state of, a condition of, or a quality of…” And in Greek, auria means “future” or “tomorrow.”

Think of the Olympics, the gold medal. What does it symbolize? It’s the pinnacle of achievement, the best we can do and the most we have to offer. It’s our hope, sacrifice and courage. No matter who we are, or where we live in the world, we understand these qualities of gold. And here is what’s special: We each picture them in our own, unique way. Millions of ways. Millions of pictures of tomorrow. Together these pictures make up what our world will become.

Auria is the gold of tomorrow.


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