Relationship Mysteries 2

July 25, 2010 |  by

Why is falling in love so devastating?

When we feel – completely, amazingly, finally – that someone sees us, knows us, loves us. That we’ve been found. It just happens – somehow – this magic makes something special like never before. A whole world opens up. The ecstasy, the joy is unbelievable. More powerful…than anything. And then one day – suddenly or maybe gradually – we no longer feel seen in the same way, no longer loved so totally, no longer..

It’s over. We’re devastated, torn…and then life reverts – slowly, awfully – to how it was before. The world is small. We wait, hope, search and long for love to happen again.

At some point, we have a choice: to stop waiting. To stop searching. To become the one who sees, who loves…who finds.

The result – magic – is the same.


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