Paying vs. Trading

August 11, 2010 |  by

Nobody wants to pay for things. Paying often comes with the feeling of having to give up something – and what I’m getting in return won’t equate. It’ll be overpriced, of a low quality, or just something I don’t really want or need. Or there’s a feeling that I have to pay (think bills) or else something bad will happen (no more Android, etc..).

Think about it. When paying for something, how often is there an undercurrent of getting swindled – or being held hostage? It’s the reason we’re inclined to jump at/demand/expect things that are free. Because I’ve been swindled so often in the past, I feel, now I deserve something for free.

But what about trading?

The idea of trading is that it’s a fair deal. I won’t make a trade unless it feels right. In trading, there’s a willingness, a conscious YES that happens which says, “I agree to this exchange – I feel good about it. What I’m getting is worth what I’m giving.” If we operated more from a standpoint of trading, we might not pay for many things we do now – or we’d pay for different things.

It applies to getting paid too. What are you giving up to get paid? Your energy, your creativity. Are you getting a fair deal, or are you selling your gifts at wholesale because you feel desperate? When we approach income as a trade, it changes the way we enter into a bargain. We’re likely to think twice about the deal we’re about to make.

Trading lets us see exchanges as choices – and consider other options.


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