The Meaning of Love

August 27, 2010 |  by

When we say I Iove you, what do we mean?

Do we actually mean:

  • I feel excited around you
  • I feel safe with you
  • I want to live with you
  • I want to be happy with you
  • I want to take your clothes off
  • I’m hoping you’ll be good to me

Typically, “love” can mean any of these things. No wonder it’s confusing.

And it’s why the question: Do I love him or her? can be so tricky. Or: Does he or she love me? We’re asking ourselves 6 questions at once – and thinking it’s just one. No wonder it’s confusing.

It’s confusing because we haven’t defined love.

When I love you means I see you, I feel you, I accept you – and nothing else, then it’s clear what we mean. It’s clear to us and the person we say it to. I love you (see you, accept you) is so important that we can’t afford confusion about it. Once I love you is clear, we can add (if we want to): I want to live with you. I want a family with you. I want to make love to you.


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