Activators 201

September 15, 2010 |  by

In Activators 101, I said that “units of culture” are activators. More precisely, they’re a medley of activators – each song we hear isn’t just activating a single part of our brains, but many. So which parts will be activated – and why?

It’s always simpler to use examples.

Let’s take Nelly’s “Just a Dream.” To see this song for what it is, we need to see it as a reflection of consciousness. It’s the consciousness of Nelly (and his production team) when writing the song. If you’ve ever heard “Just a Dream,” you know it’s much more than just a “unit of culture.” It’s a mix of melancholy, memory, love, regret, growing up, a soaring melody and empathy with others – “If you ever loved somebody put your hands up.” In brain terms, Attractors for all these qualities were activated in Nelly. These activators are in the song. They are the song.

The result – “Just a Dream” – is a combination of built-in activators. It creates resonance with people who have some (or all) of the same Attractors. When something goes viral, it activates Attractors present in the mass population.

In summary, “units of culture” aren’t just bits of imitated information. They’re activators of our consciousness.


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