Rational and Irrational

December 8, 2010 |  by

There are so many books now on rational and irrational decision-making (see the Sway posting) – as if making rational decisions is a kind of life goal. It’s not my goal. Is it yours?

The problem is how these writers define “rational.” Usually they mean whatever serves our selfish interests. Other times it’s the decision with the best financial outcome. That’s a limited world.

Breaking down our lives into rational/irrational doesn’t really serve us. If we were machines, it would make sense. But we’re not. We do all kinds of things which make no sense at all (in the moment) – because we have a feeling that they’re right. When we act this way, we’re working from a bigger picture of ourselves that can’t be defined by rational/irrational.

Instead of rational or irrational, I want to be aligned. I want to make decisions aligned with who I am. If I have a crazy, out-of-this world, impossible or far-fetched impulse – and I know it’s what I need to do – I’m going to go with it.

Otherwise, I’d be irrational.


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