The Power of One

December 11, 2010 |  by

There are two kinds of power: the power of mass mind and the power of one. They couldn’t be more different.

Mass mind power uses conformity to keep its grip. What can break conformity? The one. As soon as one voice, one person, one idea makes itself heard, the spell of conformity is broken. Suddenly…there are options. That’s the power of one.

Remember the famous experiment by Solomon Asch? A group of students “conspired” – by giving the wrong answer to an easy question – to convince the lone “innocent” student to do the same. But when one of the conspirators “spoke up” and gave the right answer – the innocent student was freed from the spell. The power of the group was broken.

As the Brafmans write in Sway:

Although the sway of group conformity is incredibly strong, it depends on unanimity for its power.

Mass mind works by crowding out you and me. We give up our power to its power. The power of one is the reverse. I have the power. And so do you. There’s room for both.


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