Who’s Really Speaking?

December 19, 2010 |  by

Seeing the meme isn’t always easy. It’s a skill we’re going to build.

Take these two examples. The girl folding clothes as you enter a store chirps How’s it going today? – but doesn’t wait for you to answer. Or the account rep for your credit card starts reading you an offer – and won’t stop no matter what you say.

Neither person is really speaking to you. They’re both on autopilot – words are coming out, but they aren’t saying them. So who’s speaking? The answer is the meme.

Somebody told the girl at the store to “greet every customer who comes in.” And the account rep was pushed to sell the offer while they had your ear. It’s the “company voice.” If you can’t feel the person speaking to you, it’s likely you’re hearing the meme.

So make a little crib note: Who’s really speaking?


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  1. 100% Agree…..Working at a bank, I know exactly to what you are referring. I thought myself it’s kind robotic. Another question worth asking is why a company would require her employees to quote verbatim. Afraid of law suit? Do not have confidence in their employees? Or both?

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