When the Pull Isn’t There

December 28, 2010 |  by

Over at Wikipedia (as we’ve all noticed), they’re driving toward their 2011 fundraising goal. They need $2.3 million more by midnight Dec 31.

I’m giving $20 – at least, that’s what I decided last week. What I’ve learned from Wikipedia this year is worth hundreds, if not thousands. So why haven’t I hit the Donate button?

It’s all about pull.

Spending is easy when a meme pulls our purse-strings. You might remember, say, Christmas shopping? Or the fashion ad that steered you into GAP. Even our friends have a pull on us – to go for Thai.

When the pull isn’t there, it’s hard to open the wallet. Wikipedia know this. But they’re leaving itup to us. It’s actually an invitation – take action (or not) from your own free will. Put your money behind what you believe in.

That’s real responsibility.

And power.

There – done. Just clicked “Donate.”


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