Memes Are Mood Triggers

January 10, 2011 |  by

Moods are subtle. We often don’t know why they begin or end. Because they’re so unconscious, moods are easy to influence.

Meme engineers know this. That’s why every detail (in a successful ad, store or campaign) is calculated to pull you in a precise way. Nothing is left to chance. Marketers and campaign planners know that when we feel a certain way, we’re likely to act a certain way. And memes want us to act (or not act).

Usually that action is buying. But it can also be voting (or not voting), clicking the link, spreading the word, speaking out (or shutting up).

Ads, stores and campaigns are built to trigger. Whether it’s the envy of a boutique or the hope (or hate) of a campaign, the mood of the meme is in the glamor of the photos, the beat of the music, the tone of the voiceover, the youth of the employees. Resonance does the rest. We feel the mood. And act in accordance.

Unless we know better, of course.


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