Immersion Is the Box

January 16, 2011 |  by

Start a new job, a new relationship or go traveling – the world opens up.

You’re free of the old meme. Its habits, patterns and pulls.

It’s those memes we’re immersed in that are toughest to see. When we’re immersed in a meme, we don’t even feel the pulls – we’re so used to it, it just feels “normal.” Like a fish in water doesn’t know what it’s like on land. Folks in China don’t know what it’s like in a democracy.

Immersion is the box.

You might spend half your day in the workplace, half a year in a relationship. The more time we’re immersed, the harder it is to see patterns and groupthink. Some memes – those of our countries, financial systems and government – we spend our entire lives in. If we never get “outside,” how do we know what’s really us – and what’s the meme?

So what are you immersed in?


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