Meme Ratings

March 27, 2011 |  by

Memes are invisible.

That makes comparing, contrasting and talking about them difficult. Let alone working with them – or changing them. But what if we gave them identifiers: a rating/score that everyone could understand?

It would be like a batting average in baseball. An MPG rating for fuel efficiency. LEED certification for green building. These standards of reference are crucial in any conversation in those areas. They make the intangible tangible.

Suddenly we can focus our attention – we can improve.

Here’s one way we could do it:

  • A color and shape to represent the qualities of the meme. Purely as examples: a red square, a gold starburst and a green circle would represent much different memes.
  • A number (say 1-100) to represent the power of a meme. A score based on select and relevant criteria.

So a meme might be a green circle with of value of 76. The meaning of each color and shape would have to be understood, of course. What’s great about color, shape and number is they convey lots of information at once. They’re visible symbols that stand for an invisible bigger picture (the meme). Just as in baseball – where batting average, slugging and on-base percentage tell us about a hitter – they don’t tell us everything. But it’s a place to start.

Would a standard of reference for the meme of any business culture, government, organization, school, hotel, or product be helpful?

I think so.

p.s. don’t pay too much attention to the chart above. It’s just to get us started.


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