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A rumpled man and a woman, walking two little dogs (leashes crossed).

As soon as they passed me – I saw it clearly. The reason they owned the little dogs, the reason the couple was together, the bulky purse in the woman’s hand. It was all because of thought-loops.

Whenever you think a thought, the imprint of the thought gets stronger in your brain. In your subconscious, that thought is becoming a bigger and bigger part of you. Thought-looping is the cycle in which repetitive thoughts gain force – and control over us.

In this case, it was clear they’d both wanted (thought about) little dogs for a long time. The woman had thought about the purse. And there was something about each other (not necessarily each other per se, just something about the other) that kept them together. Something casual, something comfortable.

Neither of them looked fulfilled.

Given time, thought-loops can be more than just a mental annoyance. They actually begin to shape our lives.

So be careful what you think.

You might become it.

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