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April 2, 2011 |  by

by Seth Godin, 2010

linchpin: “those who invent, lead (regardless of title), connect others, make things happen, and create order out of chaos”

This book has a simple message:

We are human. We need to start acting like it.

What does that mean?

It means when we just follow orders, when we let the meme lead us (instead of leading ourselves), we’re stopping short of our full potential, our full humanity. Being human means having unique gifts. Being human means you’re different in remarkable ways from everyone else. Being you means making a contribution (to you, to me, to us) that no one else can make.

It means feeling. Instead of fearing. Most of the time, fear isn’t feeling – it’s not feeling. It’s a closing to feeling, a concrete block. Feeling the fear is more like, “Holy shit. Holy shit, I’m so scared. Oh my god, oh my god I’m scared.” That’s feeling. That’s movement. That’s healing.

It means deciding to step up.

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