Blockage Point

January 22, 2012 |  by

Sometimes we don’t get the job done.

Whether it’s procrastination, fear, or just plain giving up, we get stuck. Maybe it started with something specific – the project we didn’t carry, the book we never wrote, the question we never asked (for an answer we needed to know). Or, bigger picture – the relationship we never ended, the job we didn’t leave. Whatever the cause, the result is the same. We can’t move forward.

Blockage Point is what happens when we ignore Intensity Point – repeatedly, or just once. It’s like a clog in an artery – we don’t get full bloodflow.

Ever meet someone and have the feeling: This person is stuck, they’re not going anywhere? The next question to ask is: Where is the blockage?

Sometimes it’s 20 years ago.

We might move around it, avoid it – but we haven’t gotten past it. Luckily it’s often a very specific, actionable thing. The trick is seeing it. Then, while no less terrifying, at least we know what has to be done.

How do we know when we’re unblocked?

We feel the relief..


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