No Them, There’s Only Us

February 5, 2012 |  by

That’s what Bono sings at the 46664 concert (at 4:25). Elsewhere he says, “I think one of the things that has set our band apart is the fact that we chose interesting enemies. We didn’t choose the obvious enemies – The Man, the establishment. We didn’t buy into that. Our credo was: no them, there’s only us. Think about it.”

It’s easy to hear a feelgood slogan. But what about Bin Laden? The 1%?


Aren’t they THEM?

It takes an adjustment to see the world from a meme perspective – where all human beings are US, and THEM are the many, competing, often-adversarial memes that influence us. What’s important to separate is us (human beings) from them (our ideas and beliefs). Not easy, but important.




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