The Meme Is Speaking. Are You Listening?

December 5, 2012 |  by

“What is the meme saying?”

It’s an important question. Because memes are always saying something. That’s what memes do. Memes speak.

Look at this picture. Who’s more center stage, Al Gore or Apple? It’s not hard to see that Apple commands the podium at least as much as Mr. Gore. Now think of all the presentations where somebody is standing behind a Mac. So what is the Apple meme saying? It’s saying: You want to be an awesome presenter? You’d better use a Mac.

It’s subliminal—but strong. And our unconscious is listening. Unconsciously, it’s easy to hear the message of memes as Truth (Coke is Classic, after all). But when we ask the question What is the meme saying? we wake up to what we’re hearing. We can decide if we agree – or not.


Aaron Swartz (above) and Giacomo Rizzolatti (below).



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