Edward de Bono

Simplicity should become a permanent fashion. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

Dealing with complexity is an unnecessary waste of time, attention and mental energy. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

The human brain tries its hardest to simplify life by setting up routine patterns of perception and action. Once you identify the pattern you flow along it without further effort. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

The real purpose of thinking is to abolish thinking. So when we look at something we recognize it instead of having to work it out every time. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

Perhaps every law should be allocated a lifespan at birth. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

People find thinking to be difficult because civilization has never made any attempt to make thinking simpler. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

Most of the mistakes in thinking are not mistakes of logic at all but mistakes of perception. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

Complexity is always failed simplicity. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

Cartoonists are always facing the challenge to simplify. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

Communication is always understood in the context and experience of the receiver—no matter what was intended. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

We are usually too ready to accept the first solution as good enough. We need to believe that there is often a better or simpler solution in order to keep thinking. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity

The phrase “wouldn’t it be nice if..” is a convenient way of expressing wishful thinking. — Edward de Bono, Simplicity


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