the goal of a group; every group has a goal


decision-making (or living) that’s beyond the definition of rational or irrational; alignment means acting in integrity with your sense of self


the lizard brain, the source of our automatic reactions and triggered responses

buying in

aligning your interests with those of a meme, either consciously or unconsciously

cloud consciousness

the non-local resonance between individuals in a meme


when a meme attempts to disguise itself as a different meme


editing our information intake, to better see the big picture


something we want – offered by the meme; the “bait” of the meme


a deep, often long-term connection with a meme; can cause a blurring of values and motives between the meme and the person (the question: Is it me – or is it the meme?)


the strengthening of a thought, belief or emotion (i.e. a neural network), through repeated activation


the cycling of repeated thoughts or emotions within your brain, between you and another person or among a larger group


objects containing remnants (memes) of the past

mass thought-looping

the cycle by which repetitive thoughts gain force and control over groups; the mechanism of memes

mech meme

a supermeme with the agenda of mechanizing/computerizing the world; the mech meme strives for a perfectly ordered, rational, super-intelligent world – without a trace of human emotion


a state of consciousness which aligns our actions, outlook or behavior with that of a certain group

meme dust

fallout from a meme which infuses an individual with the characteristics of that meme (ex. employees of a meme are often coated in meme dust)


seeing the memes where you work, live and play

mirror neurons

specialized neurons in the brain that pick up on the thoughts, emotions and impulses of others

neural darwinism

neural networks are strengthened or weakened based on an individual’s developmental experience, environment and reward systems. Like fingerprints or the iris, no two people will have the same formation of neural networks

neural networks

groups of neurons in the brain that reflect our thoughts, emotions and desires

omega meme

a supermeme pulling humanity toward the future and progress


the linking of minds that happens between people in close relationship


the (usually unconscious) influence of a meme upon you or me


the essential principle of how memes work; an affinity with certain ideas, thoughts or emotions that binds individuals or groups together


the “leftover” feeling from a meme of the past


the hidden influence of a meme upon a person, group or other meme (see “Shadowing the Beatles“)


the evolution of a meme through time


a dominant meme within a culture


the cycle by which repetitive thoughts gain force – and control over us


an obvious attempt by a meme to ingratiate itself with you


anything that activates a neural network


the power of knowing at a glance, the ability to see the big picture in an instant (see Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink)


“the spirit of the age;” the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought that typifies the culture of a particular period in time


the unconscious servants of a meme